how do smart home systems work

Welcome To Your Smart Home

Smart living starts with the Home Hub

A Barricade Smart Home System puts you in control, makes your life easier, more comfortable and gives you peace of mind, wherever you are. Monitor and operate blinds and curtains, lights, heating, garage doors and gates with your smartphone or tablet.

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everything starts with the smart home hubTaHoma is the smart home system from Somfy that helps you to control your home. Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to remotely control blinds, awnings, screens, lighting, security sensors, skylights and garage doors, etc. using TaHoma. All these products can be combined into scenarios that you can easily create and name according to your needs. A scenario can also be programmed to start automatically at a set time, for example, against a weekly schedule.

You decide which units to be controlled, and how. If you want to control your blinds and other sun protection, you can add sunlight or temperature sensors and regulate them in order to create shade or improve the temperature indoors.

how to connect your smart home

download the appDownload The App

TaHoma is controlled with iOS or Android through the appropriate App. Search for TaHoma or Somfy in iOS app store or Google play.

TaHoma is configured using a computer and all settings or operations can also be changed, activated or controlled from your computer.

Add And Connect Yor Devices

The automatic monitoring, control and operation of your devices is via TaHoma's easy to use and intuitive interface. Your devices and commands are set up via the TaHoma interface and stored as an individual secure account in the Somfy servers, which in turn direct them via the Internet to TaHoma box in your home. The TaHoma box is a transmitter/receiver that is connected wirelessly to your devices (blinds, awnings, lighting, skylights, garage, etc.) in your house and its surroundings and of course to the internet through your router. The box also serves as a bridge between the server and your devices- activating them as you have requested.

connect lights, cctv camera, heating, garage door and blinds

Is It Secure?

Security is guaranteed at all levels. Every time you turn on a device, the security code changes automatically. There is also a security key for each dwelling, which offers the same level of protection as Internet banking systems. TaHoma has been awarded "very safe" by the well-known and respected German IT security company SySS. Somfy received this certification following extensive testing by the IT specialists at SySS.